The basis of Life and Business Coaching is a partnership aimed at assisting and supporting change. The coach works with the client to facilitate personal exploration and movement towards greater wellbeing and achievement.


Health and Wellness Coaching

"Health Coaching enhances any clinical or medical interventions. Wellness Coaching can include anything that impacts health, fitness, and general well-being."

Business and Executive Coaching

"Business coaching is the process of engaging in regular, structured conversation in order to achieve your business goals."

Life Coaching

"Life Coaching includes identifying developmental solutions for personal changes at work and in life."

Stress Management

"Stress Management helps you manage stress, fear, and burnout."

The Nature of Coaching

Coaching is a forward moving process that deals mostly with a person’s present situation. It is a supportive experience that aims to facilitate personal exploration and movement towards achieving a desired outcome. The relationship is professional and strictly confidential. A vision for the future is created, motivators and obstacles are identified and a co-created strategy for achieving the lifestyle changes is developed. Coaching is not the same as advisory consultation, psychotherapy, or counselling. Referrals can be made to such professionals to complement the coaching process.