The importance of Routines

In this unique period of uncertainty and confusion, we are starting to realise that the time of lock-downs and self-isolation is most probably not going to be a quick skirmish but rather a prolonged siege. In circumstances like these, the number one thing all experts agree on is, it is essential to create a routine. Routines provide structure and normalize the abnormal.

Overcoming the sense helplessness. A routine allows us to feel more in control. They support us in making room for what is important and help us to cope with change. With a routine in place, time can be used without it feeling insurmountable.

Designing a set of routines. Routines can be fun and by designing them carefully can make activities easier to follow and incorporate into your life.

Some basic steps for designing your routine:

1. Set a goal for your routine. Before creating your routine, you should have some idea as to what you wanting to achieve. E.g. self-care. For this you may want to craft a routine that will incorporate a good diet, exercise and staying connected with others.

Also consider new goals, skills and hobbies E.g learning a new language. |

2. Figure out what to put in your routine. To help you decide what to put into your routine, start by listing daily activities.

Remember to also include entertainment and “me” time

3. Plan out your routine on a timescale. What activities are going to be completed daily, weekly or monthly.

Make a routine now, plan out events and goals, test them, then write them down and stick to them.

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