What is a Health Coach?

What is the role of a Health Coach in the Medical Care field? This question is something I have always struggled to adequately explain without sounding like either an academic or a sales person.

It is generally understood that Health and Wellness Coaching sists beside and enhances any clinical or medical intervention that may be ongoing for a client. The coach helps the client to integrate their lifestyle efforts with treatment proposals, providing practical and emotional support, but not medical advice. But, how can this all be simply and clearly explained?

Recently I listened to ‘Staying in the Coach Lane’, a wonderful talk by Dr Michael Arloski. It covered the What, the How and, the Why of Health and Wellness Coaching. For me the lightbulb went on an I had my clear straightforward explanation.

My Take Aways:

Medical Practitioners and treatment professionals provide the WHAT

WHAT the problem is – diagnosis.

WHAT needs to be done – treatment.

Coaches partner with the client on the HOW

The How is developed in the context of the person and their situation.

HOW best to integrate the WHATS into their lifestyle.

HOW to work towards the best achievable outcomes.

HOW to best support.

HOW to leverage successes and learnings.

And many more How’s … in the client’s self-directed journey for an enhanced well-being.

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